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Learn Home Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. focuses on corporate management consulting and training. We have a highly qualified professional team and successfully served for a number of multinational and domestic enterprises. And our customers are distributed in various fields such as Automobile Manufacturing, Chemical industry, Pharmaceuticals, Tourism, Financial Services and Real Estate Development etc.

Learn Home courses mainly cover enterprise management consulting (such as Quality Management, Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety Management, Food Safety Management, 5S On-site Management, Enterprise Management Standardization), Internal training, External training and External open course programs.

During the past several years, Learn Home has accumulated a lot of expertise in management courses such as Production Management, Integrated Management, Procurement & Logistics, Professional Skills and Marketing, total 58 courses in six categories.

Now Learn Home has established an outstanding team of professional instructors and has more than 300 domestic & foreign corporate customers in various fields.

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